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Women as Agents of Change

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Much has been said about women playing a catalyst role in being agents of change but still there remains that doubt in the power of a woman’s capabilities of bringing the change which is long term and sustainable.

Sometimes I wonder what is the cause of it and somehow when I look around me I still find women doubting themselves or in the effort to overcompensate for being trusted as the change agent we slide back into the very stereotypical practices. Quite a vicious cycle it is.

A few tips that has enabled me to be the agent of change as a woman:

1. Viewing self as a problem solver and with God’s infinite wisdom and grace (I am quite a strong spiritual person hence reflect much in life prayerfully) every problem can be overcome with an outcome sometimes in a solution and many times a perspective that adds value.

2. Surround or associate yourself to like minded people that will help the cause to grow and the impact of the change will be more meaningful and long lasting.

3. Prepare for your assignments well. When you are chosen for a task or specific purpose do ensure that you are prepared in the best possible way but success also lies in the ability to be able have the listening ears on all the time as you never know what could be an enabler moment.

4. Identify your immediate areas of influence: Family, Government, Place of work, Media, education, local community……list is endless. But choose one or two areas and work towards being the proactive change agent armored with trust, faith, consistency and perseverance.

5. Irrespective of what type of work you do, you will see that your work can significantly change your immediate surrounding which would act as a drop in the ocean for making the world a better place to live in.

6. Last but not the least something that needs to be constantly practiced is self- awareness.

What is self-awareness or how does one nurture it? Will share next time…… Keep reading…..

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