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Keep Safe

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

These days when we talk with each other our friends, colleagues, family members, in closing definitely we say “keep safe”. This made me reflect to ask myself was I truly safe? I wanted to explore with you the fact that we need to keep ourselves safe not just by ensuring that we don’t get infected with this virus but also I would like to remind ourselves to be safe as a matter of total wellbeing. Currently as we are coming to terms with the new reality that this is not a temporary situation but the impact being colossal for many of us, affecting our lives in different ways. I urge you to keep your mind safe too apart from your body, protect yourself from the overwhelming feeling of helplessness, uncertainty, fear, loss of job, cash flow issues, all the influx of information which is all about the risks we will be facing playing havoc in our minds. Don’t let it, short circuit your mind, your total wellbeing including both mind and body. Your physiology is connected with the psychology of the mind.

So please be safe.

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