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I am listening...I am seeing...I am tasting...

During this time of pandemic COVID 19 with Lockdown many of my family and friends were sharing or forwarding pictures of citing of animals being seen in our empty cities or flocks of birds flying in the skies, clear blue sky…….

It suddenly made me realize that actually all my senses were getting sharpened and especially my observation and listening skills. I suddenly don’t feel the rush of running in the madness being enslaved to the clock. If I feel I need to enjoy the sounds of the birds chirping just bit more or just my beautiful lilies blossomed during this Easter time I can.

I am enjoying checking on my plants especially the tomato plant that I have grown myself every day. Every sound, sight, taste, smell, touch is getting amplified.

I recollect from my work in Maple Bear one of the key areas of focus in lifelong learning was developing right from the start in the child’s early years was these 5 senses and I am actually getting to reuse as an adult all of my 5 senses, all at the same time, practicing it, enjoying it, being aware of it, consciously after so long almost 4-5 decades later.

Are you listening, smelling, too……..

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