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Good communicator

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

How many times have you been asked whether you are a good communicator?

Have you felt it is an overrated emphasis for being a good communicator?

In every interview or ad for a job one of the expectations is to be good in communication skills but then who decides the parameters of a good communicator?

The answer to it yes it is absolutely important to be a good communicator in every aspect of our life personal or professional and you can decide for yourself if you are good in your communication skills or not.

On a scale 1-10 a good communicator falls between 7-9 and the great communicators who you can judge by their following will be on the scale around 9&10. It can never be a one-time thing for being suddenly labelled as a good communicator you will actually see through repeat performance and consistency in your communication that will earn you the title of being a good communicator.

But how do I know if I am a good communicator or an average one. It is quite simple, the behavior or the response as an outcome by the person to whom you are communicating will decide how good you are in your communication skills.

Most times we don’t place the responsibility on our self when we see a mediocre or unsatisfactory outcome to our own method or clarity in our communication to the other person.

But to be able to communicate well you definitely need to be very clear in your understanding of what you expect. When you are transferring your understanding of a task or behavior it is extremely important to be able to clearly articulate what and why you want it.

As a leader sometimes you might have to take the initiative to also recommend the How but it all depends on the situation, context and your why. Many a times I recommend the leaders is in the How of things it is important for better efficiency and higher degree of deliverable to share the recommendation of the How through an example. Like children we recall better by doing and understanding increases through a story.

Just two things to reflect:

Clear communication to leads to increased or desired outcome

Ingredients for clear communication are your own understanding of what and why of the outcome/expected result and in some cases knowing the How is also important.


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