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Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein said, “Somewhere in the middle of difficulties lies opportunity”

This has been my display picture (DP) on my whats app since last few weeks I suppose seeking an immense need for reassurance th

at all is going to be well. Being a very optimistic person most of the times I found this quote like a lifeline to channelize all the negativity or all the gloom and doom narratives we are surrounded with.

This simple statement became such an enabler for me to rise up each morning with a purpose of finding a path that would create an opportunity to find meaning each day. I became once again pumped with deep sense of need to be creative, build something, doing things or exploring ways of rediscovering myself and hence started a blog giving me an opportunity to share my story, thoughts and ideas with you as well as to listen to you. Social distancing maybe in physical sense but not necessarily stopping us in staying do stay in touch.

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