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Updated: Apr 12, 2020

So much of noise on COVID 19, Pandemic, job loss, insecurity of the future, fear, when will the lockdown end, stocking the essentials, almost feel like holding my head in despair wanting to just turn the volume down to mute…….are you feeling the same.

It is very natural to feel all of it and yet how do we maintain our sanity and mental wellbeing? How do I give hope to my 20 year old daughter that it will all be fine there is much to look forward to? Many such questions and constant overdose of forwards, news channels, articles everything around me is feeling like a loud noise compelling me to scream back and say “keep quiet” so decided instead to pen down and share my feelings and thoughts.

Also being a clinical psychologist and educationist it creates a deep sense of need to reach out as well as for having someone to reach out to me too and ask me what am I truly going through just listen to me not giving me any gyan, philosophy or all the science behind it but just to be able to tackle head on with my feelings navigating through it and yet be able to come out with my own survival narrative of hope that there is definitely something new awaiting, tap on that adrenalin rush of curiosity of the unknown, the ability actually to be once again like the toddler when given a piece of paper and crayon to draw, doodle, write without a predefined, preconditioned, fear of being judged form or reference but really my own inventory of skills. Within the limits of social distancing to actually seek out to your dear friend, colleague or family member whoever you are chatting via various online platforms and communication channels zoom, whats app, skype, messenger list goes on…. Asking them to share that one thing that pops in their head when they think of you or see you (at this time is your DP). Gathering all that is shared hoping most of it being positive but also the ones that could be put in the bucket of work in progress or much work to be done in those areas could help you write your own narrative that could very useful when we believe things come back to the ‘New Normal” the new jargon floating around.

It can be quite fun but also serious enough to give you insights about yourself; discoveries of this kind could be something that will come very handy when we all return to the new normal of fitting ourselves in this new normal world. Be positive, surround yourself with funny stuff which is of course amply floating but also pick one thing from your bucket list (that does not need going out, sorry) and set it as a goal for having done. Like I have completed an online course from UPenn through coursera which I have been fantasizing in my head for a very long time of wanting to do and now have successfully completed. Feeling good…..

#selfacceptance #lifestyle

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