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Counselling Psychology

With my academic background in psychology with Masters in Clinical Psychology from Delhi University I have a had a very active work trajectory in social impact, education covering specifically in early childhood education and international education yet have had several opportunities to practice being a counselling psychologist over several years but this past year has been very unique with the high demand of clients seeking psychotherapeutic intervention. This past year I have worked with a large number of young adults and families with young children apart from individual clients who have needed supportive therapy.

Therapy is all about the client slowly becoming self-aware of the cause and the effect resulting into discomfort, anxiety, manifested in various forms and with positive supportive therapy to be able to build their own coping strategies integrating it in their current routine or way of living thereby leaning on to their inner strength nurturing it for future to be able to better cope.

Are you struggling and not sure what is making you so anxious, fearful, breakdown in relationships, anger, sad, confused…….you can reach out to me by writing to me or calling me at 9811213009

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